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About IES
The solar and storage industry is constantly changing. We stay informed so you can too.

Innovative Energy Systems is comprised of a dynamic team of solar & energy storage experts with a passion for bringing renewable power to the world and reducing fossil fuel dependencies. We help solar installers seeking to expand their offerings, reach beyond their experience or simply take more jobs in areas they would like to pursue. 

We demystify storage for our installers who wish to offer battery-based systems for their own customers. We do the research so you don’t have to, keeping our installers current on the breaking trends in the storage and solar industry. We are always on the cutting edge of information, staying abreast of what the best solutions are, for both our installers and their customers. 

Our work extends to state and federal agencies, non-profits and emerging markets all over world. We can assist with bid response for both non-profits and government projects. We are familiar with international markets and the unique challenges they face. Having experience with AHJ’s in various sectors allows us to lend assistance when and where needed.

We make your passion our desire, your questions our solutions found and your needs our inspiration for innovation. 

Innovative Energy Systems – We Bring Power to Your World.

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Our Team

We’re a hardworking team with years of diverse professional experiences spanning a wide range of disciplines. Our passion for helping our clients is what unites us. We can't wait to work with you.

  • Kate Business Photo.jpg
    Kate Collins usually has the answers to your questions. If she doesn't, she knows who on the team does.  
    Founder and CEO

    Kate is a California native with a passion for the environment. She studied environmental education at UC Berkeley but after teaching various grades found the classroom did not call to her. Rather, Kate went into business and found that her ability to relate to people on a personal and professional level was an incredible asset. After a decade as a business consultant and accountant, Kate partnered with Hardy in his existing solar firm. Together, they grew their EPC to a successful multi-million dollar company serving all aspects of the solar industry.

    With 15 years in the solar industry she brings solution-based team guidance – a professional pace and a personable style to her work with installers. Her experience working with both start-ups and growth organizations - both domestically and internationally allows her to assist solar companies in reaching their goals. 

    IES was launched in 2018 with the goal of creating a company that can serve as the go to resource for installers. Kate has built her team with the most qualified and experienced professionals. She loves making business easier for others and removing challenges through information and education. Her experience as a contractor herself allows her to bring solutions to the table from ‘having been there’ 

    When you talk to Kate ask her where in the world she is, because she loves traveling as much as Hardy and is always seeking her next scuba adventure.

  • Hardy (2).png
    Hardy Kuenzl is your go to man when you need a technical solution. He is your one stop technical support guru.  

    Hardy was born and raised in Germany. After receiving an Associate's Degree in Electrical Engineering from Theodor-Litt-Schule in Giessen, Germany when he was 19, he moved to the US where he has been ever since. 

    Hardy was an early adopter of alternative energy using solar for his off-grid home in 1989 and starting his solar electric installation company in 1994. Beginning in the off-grid market, he partnered with Kate in 2003 and together they grew the company, servicing all aspects of the solar electric industry.

    Hardy is a problem solver with that unique ability to find the solution to the problem, no matter what kind of equipment. He services, repairs and installs systems of all sizes, from a 12V jungle cabin to high tech military installations. Hardy brings that broad knowledge base and expertise to our installers; whether it’s design assistance, installer training or field support, he’s got you covered.

    When not helping off-grid home and business owners or working with installers, Hardy can be found either hiking trails in remote locations or swimming in a warm ocean. Anywhere in the world. As long it’s warm.  

  • Doug Headshot.jpg
    Doug Pratt is in charge of all electrical schematics and permit packages at IES. He makes sure that you have the details you need to be code compliant.  
    Senior Designer

    Doug grew up in a wonderful rural community of five Frank Lloyd Wright homes in southwestern Michigan. After 23 Michigan winters he figured it wasn’t going to get any better, and so ran off to northern California to be a good hippie. The hippie thing didn’t work out. He enjoys being productive, and having a few bucks to spare. Within a year of moving, the ‘73 Arab Oil Embargo hit, which ignited a lifelong interest in renewable energy and energy conservation.  

    Doug has built and lived in passive solar homes, both on- and off-grid since 1980. He has worked professionally since 1985 in the renewable energy industry as installer, teacher, engineer, editor, and author. Doug has helped thousands of solar installers launch their business’, design quality systems, and install them professionally and safely the first try. His current all-electric home has been solar grid-tied with battery backup since 2000. PG&E always owes him money at the end of the year. Now, if electric cars would just hurry up and get affordable...   

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